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“Hallyu” (Korean wave) is more than K-Pop. In fact, Korea also has a very strong competitive edge in healthcare. First, it is a country that has an extremely cost-effective health care system with universal coverage of health insurance. Many developed and developing countries have bench-marked Korea for its unique system. Secondly, it boasts high-quality medical services that attract more than 300,000 foreign patients annually. It offers the highest quality of medical services in a broad range of categories, as diverse as cosmetic surgery, cancer treatment, physical checkups and robot surgeries. Third, Korea has fostered globally competitive industries in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, bio, clinical trials, health IT, and hospital management. The health care industry is one of the biggest vehicles for future growth in Korea.

Korea Biomedical Review(KBR) is an online English newspaper that delivers the most crucial news in Korean health care to the world. We provide critical information to professionals, scholars, policy makers and businessmen interested in Korea’s high-quality medical services. We deliver the essentials of Korean healthcare to citizens of the world by overcoming barriers of language.

KBR began publication on February 2017. KBR is a part of The Korean Doctors’ Weekly (www.docdocdoc.co.kr), a media company formed by a network of Korean doctors in 1992. Having a decorated 25 year history in the healthcare-media industry, the Korean Doctors’ Weekly is the most trusted and most influential medical newspaper in its sector. In addition to publishing newspapers and over 100 books on the topic of health care, the company also hosts a 30 minute audio program that airs 7 times a week.


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